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Our Services

Patients Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)

We provide Air Ambulance Service. No matter the location we reach and Evacuate our patients speedily and professionally anytime, 24hrs, 365 days a year with our medically fitted fixed or rotary wing Aircraft.

Health Checkup Services

Forget the hours of programming simple things. Use Subrion framework API to add extra stuff using hooks, plugins, & packages.

Health Insurance Brokerage & Managed Care

To achieve Universal Health Coverage we promote Access to Affordable and Qualitative Health care by encouraging enrolment in a Health Insurance scheme; SSHIS or the private Health Plans.

Healthcare Projects Development Scheme

This is a Private Sector Initiative On Partnership For Projects Development (PPD) Health Trust Development Fund.
We promote the establishment of State Health Trust Development Fund which is a sustainable and additional funding for the health sector.

Health & Fitness Programs

Bring your online presence to a whole new level with the extensive blog functionality that comes in the version by default.

Health & Fitness Monitor App

Our Health & Fitness Monitor app provides you the opportunity to get first hand information on-the-go 24/7 on your mobile devices.