• Manage Appointments
    Schedule your next appointment or view details of your past and upcoming appointments.
  • Access Test Results
    No more waiting for calls or letter – view your test results and your doctor’s comments within days.

  • Request Drugs Refills
    Send prescription refill request for any of your refillable medications and get it directly at your home.

  • Live Chat With Doctor
    Get solutions to your medical issues from the comfort of your home via live video, audio or SMS.


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About eDoc Application




eDoc is a fully functional video and audio meeting app loaded with powerful features that packs a punch. It delivers a no-jitter and seamless online medical consultation for ongoing patient care or a routine medical follow up. You can share medical reports or discuss with other medical specialists on our platform.

The establishment and improvement of hospital/doctor - patient interaction system is a very important requirement, especially now when the communication technology is developing rapidly. This system was developed as hospital/doctor - patient interaction system for booking and searching the nearby hospital/doctor on the web app or android application platform to meet the needs of the patient and provide doctors more efficient and convenient means of communication with patients. The advantages of web can be made full use of to make up the time and distance gap between hospital/doctor and patients and to provide fast and adequate medical services. Through the connection between user terminals and specific service, both doctors and patients are able to obtain required data to achieve a better interaction. The platform, web and android services and database technology are all gradually maturing.

Existing Solution:


In an existing system, patient has to go to the hospital and wait in a queue at the appointment desk to make the reservation and get an appointment. But they generally finish up waiting endlessly for very long-time intervals. The patient might choose to fix an appointment, but this choice is not possible at all times and does not likely work well for all people involved in the system.


People involved are as follows: The medical personnel, the hospital and the patient.


The patient longs for effortlessly convenient and accessible times. When they cannot discover a quick enough appointment, they feel like waiting endlessly (Duration between scheduling and the appointment being made available). The patient also expects to be seen all of a sudden or within few minutes of their visit to the hospital or clinic (whether an appointment has been scheduled earlier or not).


Our Solution:


User can search any hospital/doctor and book appointment as user prefer.

Key Features

• Search Module
• Appointment Booking
• Check-in form Submitting
• Appointment Management
• Schedule a timing
• Past Appointment Management
• Ratings and Reviews

Admin Features

Admin has overall control of the system. The main features of admin module are given below:

• Manage Appointments
• Manage Doctors
• View Appointments statistics
• Rating Details

Patient Features

• Register/Login.
• Can choose and book an appointment at the flexible time and date.
• Can search for doctor according to specialty and location.
• Can write review about the doctor and can select doctors according to other user feedback.
• Can access all previous check-in details and medical past appointments.
Module List


• User Registration
• User Login
• Search Location wise
• View Hospital/Doctor list
• Book Appointment
• View Status
• View Google map for single hospital


• Hospital /Doctor Registration
• Hospital/Doctor Login
• Create Hospital/Doctor Details
• Add Patients
• Update Personal Details
• Update Patient Details
• Update Location
• Update Booking Status

The Application is built with lots more features and benefits...


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